Traverse Brand Launch Campaign
Role: Social Media Expert, Concept, Creative + Art Direction, Editing, Creative & Digital Strategy
Copywriter: Rylee Maron


What is Traverse?

Traverse is a new kind of insurance that follows the life you lead. Wherever you go. Whatever happens. Powered by Travelers, a 100-year-old insurance brand, Traverse is designed to help you bounce back asap from accidental phone drops, unplanned vacation mishaps, and things that directly affect you - like identity fraud and lawsuits.

The Challenge:

Millennials don't get insurance. They don't know why they need it. They don't think about it.

It’s was crucial to communicate to the viewer what Traverse can do for them quickly and succinctly, and to do so with thumb-stopping visual content.

At its very core, Traverse allows you to not worry about mishaps for we’ll give you the money to replace or make up for them. From breaking or losing your belongings to unpleasant aspects of a trip, Traverse allows you to carry on - enjoy your day, your week, your life knowing that no matter what life throws at you, you’re covered.

You: “Could’ve sworn I put my headphones… somewhere.. around here... ” 
Random kid on the A train: “Sweet! Headphones!” 

“Romantic chateau”? More like shack-teau. Don’t let misleading vacation rental descriptions ruin the mood - we’ll cover a hotel instead.  

Welp. No thanks to life, your ring is loooong gone down the drain. But we’re still around to help you #carryon.

Yeah you locked your bike in a sketchy spot and it got stolen. But you got Traverse to cover it. So in reality, nicely done. 👊

Life can be the WORST. Like when it ruins your night out by shattering your screen. 😑But when you’re insured with #Traverse, we’ll cover it. So, #carryon.


#TFW you find your vacation rental’s washing machine turned into an indoor slip & slide... 😫 No worries, we’ll help you brush it off & enjoy the rest of your vaca.

Gotta love life. First, bike gets stolen. Then everyone looks at you like some crazy lady as you run after it. Cool. 🙄

With plans starting at $8, head to that music festival, that trip abroad, that warehouse party, knowing your things are covered.  Sign up today! #carryon #Traverse

When the vacation rental calls it “luxurious”, but life gives you lame… An emergency hotel stay it is. We got you.


It’s all fun and games until your phone falls in the toilet. But no worries, we got you. Well, with coverage. Fishing it out is still your job.

When life hands you a friend who thinks tipping the golf cart over is funny, we hand you coverage for the clubs that break in the process.


Do you have time to get tied down? Didn’t think so. That’s why we’re subscription-based. So like, Traverse and chill.

Noooooo! Right when you’re in the middle of writing a strongly-worded brunch review.


The only time a vacation rental should have an “animal infestation” is if you rented a pet store. If this happens to you, head - no, RUN - to a hotel instead. We’ll cover it.

Looks like Sparky got a little hungry… for designer. Bad Sparky! But good for you - with your Traverse plan, it’ll be like it never even happened.. #carryon #Traverse


Sign up, get covered, make a claim - all online or on your phone. Boom.  


“Smash hit? More like smashed drum! Ba dum chhh.”- Life ...😑


What your brain looks like when your flight home gets canceled AGAIN. Say ✌to an airport all-nighter, and 👋 to a hotel on us.

“Janky airport seats make the comfiest bed!” - said no one ever. Flight home got canceled? We’ll cover a hotel instead.


You might have 99 problems but a deductible ain’t one. 🙌


Life, man. Set your camera down for one second to grab another piña colada, and boom, stolen.

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