Travel: Colorado

ok. ok. I know. It's been a while. I'm back.

You ever have those days (weeks, months...) that you feel completely uninspired and lazy. Yeah. Me too.  

Time to come out of the slump and get back to business. This blog is my fave, and I've neglected it, and I hate that. 

So here I am, telling you I'm human, and sometimes I get tired and lazy and sad and need some time.  

and that I'm back. 

Thanks Babs for being my biggest fan. I'm back, if only just for you.

Pikes Peak, Colorado

Pikes Peak, Colorado

On we go, on with life and responsibility and remembering what you love and what you want and NEED to do to feel like yourself. 

I need this blog and you all...

and travel. 

 I have so much to share with you all, but let us start it slow, with a recent trip that helped jolt me back. Here are some of my favorite snaps rom my recent trip to Colorado.


Let me start by telling you that this was my first time to Colorado, and I was stoked about it. I mean, c'mon, fresh air, mountains, scenery for days.

A while back a few friends and I decided that we wanted to see a show at Red Rocks Amphitheater. We went with The National, with openers Local Natives and SURPRISE also (one of my faves!) Frightened Rabbits. 

Well, we arrived in Colorado only days after the massive flooding they had in Boulder and the surrounding areas. Total bummer. Boulder was a bust, the trails, roads and all of the attractions closed. I was saddened, not just for our trip of course, but for the people of Colorado. 

But for us, the show had to go on, we were on VACATION remember. 

We made the best of it. Peter is pictured above snapping pictures of mountains- well, the best he could given the fog, but MOUNTAINS none the less.


As I said, there was a bit of fog, but have no fear, my trusty travel-mates found Cave of the Winds, which was a clutch find because it was raining and it was obviously inside. Score. 


When we came out of the cave, we could literally see NO mountains, as if they disappeared. 


The rain wasn't going to keep us down! We had abandoned Boulder and moved onto Colorado Springs, which has been the next stop on our adventure anyway.

This trip was really wearing on us. Everything we tried to do was a bust. Waterfalls, nope. Hiking, not having it.   

We pulled up to Garden of the Gods, one of the spots we were really excited to get to, and it was of course, you guessed it, raining. But on we went.



FINALLY, things started to turn around for us.  

Yes, it was wet out. No, the sun wasn't out.

We walked around. Climbed a bit. Everyone was smiling. 

Then. THEN, the MUSIC! We heard some music coming form above, and followed it. WHAT WAS IT YOU ASK?  

A band recording in the rocks! Not JUST some band, but Opus Orange, who turned out to be amazing! So here we are, at Garden of the Gods, with some of the most incredible views I had ever seen, getting a private show. This was the turning point of the trip!


We had saved Pike's Peak, hoping for some sunshine, and we were rewarded for sure, with perfect weather.  

Darling Kathleen pictured above. What a champ. She had never been so happy to see a little sunshine. Up Pike's Peak we go.


Did I mention the views? 


Take me back! 

While on our trip Kathleen had an idea. We were to name something we were thankful for at that very moment (I told you she was a champ). Even though our trip was not turning out exactly as planned, we had an amazing time and took a minute everyday to remember the good.

Sometimes things don't go as planned. Sometimes it's hard to see the bright side of things. Sometimes you have to grin and bear it, but thats all part of life, so keep your head up, like we did on our trip. 

Screw you lemons, we made lemonade.